Have you ever wondered what life would be like if...

Take The Overwhelm Out Of Your Business

Being a "Team of one" woman entrepreneur is exhausting, lonely, and addictive. While everyone around you is taking days off to recharge their creativity, you're glued to your desk.

Not only does this affect your business growth, but it also burns you out. It takes you from working ON your business to IN it before you know it.

Thus, delegating managerial tasks, such as team management, administrative work, and customer retention, allows you to focus on the core of your business, and take a huge weight off your shoulders.

Streamline your workflow and free up valuable time by delegating all of your daily business operations.



We help you achieve your project goals within scope of time and budget. Bringing years of experience to the table in planning, organizing, and closing any given project.

Team Management

If you're having trouble finding and developing talent, we offer team building and performance management to ensure the smooth execution of your projects

Metrics Management

If you can measure it, you can manage it. We help you define your business targets, and measure your progress with highly accurate key performance indicators.

Operations Management

Avoid spreading yourself too thinly across all departments. We centralize your communication and bridge the gap between all your business operations. We establish a sustainable workflow to optimize business performance.

You stopped playing small and finally

stepped fully into your CEO role

Does this sound like you...

You have a team of employees/contractors working for you and you're overwhelmed with managing your team.

You're losing your creativity because you're working on and in your business.

You have no streamlined and efficient workflow of systems. Everything is everywhere in your business.

You have more goals for your business, but can't do it all by yourself.

Ready to scale beyond what you're currently making and offering.

You're wearing too many hats and spreading yourself too thin.


The Nicole Collective Online Business Manager Service

Hey, I'm Nicole!

The face of The Nicole Collective and Online Business Manager. Here at The Nicole Collective and as women entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the pride you take in your business.


Delegating important business tasks is not always your first choice. Our online business management service is designed to make that choice easier. Because we share your vision and ambition, and thanks to our years of experience, we guarantee a seamless operation of your operations.


Rest assured that nothing falls through the cracks with our business management process. Our virtual management service is tailored for six-figure women entrepreneurs to meet all your future project needs.


But what if I told you

it didn't have to be like this ...

How We Can Help

Unlike virtual assistants, we work with you on a macro level with your business strategy in mind.

We take the day-to-day operation off your plate so you can focus on the key areas of your business.

Every decision and task we take on is aimed at helping you reach your objectives faster.

Maintaining The Bigger Picture

Less Responsibility

Goal- Oriented

Here's What They're Saying

Jessica Goldman

Nicole is an amazing business manager. She makes herself available while having other clients to tend to. She has helped streamline my backend, create SOPs that I didn't know I needed, and makes owning my business easier than ever now. Investing in a business manager was worth it.

Latonya Muller

I'll start by saying, if you are overwhelmed in your business and you have the money to hire an obm do so! Hiring The Nicole Collective has put my mind at ease. Nicole takes care of everything in my business and my team. Finally I have time for myself, friends, family, and have stepped into being a true ceo.

You've got questions, We've got answers...

What Is An Online Business Manager?

An online business manager is essentially an office manager but virtual. We are responsible for the daily operations of your business which includes project management, team management, operations management, and more!

Why Should I Hire An Online Business Manager?

If your business is making consistent high 6 figures monthly and has a team under you, then you need an online business manager to get to your next level in business. I always tell business owners that once your business hits a certain level, your time and attention needs to be dedicated to growing your business instead of working in it. For instance, you should no longer have to manage your team and make sure deadlines are met, that is MY job as your online business manager. Conducting meetings that will take up your time... that will now be my job and I will report back to you!

What Requirements Do You Have To Work With A Client?

Every client is different and unique but you must:


  • Be making 6 figures yearly. Anything less would be pointless in hiring a business manager.

  • Be comfortable committing 3 months to working together.

  • Able to let go and delegate work.


These are our main requirements. We love to work hard and have fun at The Nicole Collective, any client we work with we want the same!

What Is The Process Of Working Together?

  • Fill out an application to work together

  • If it seems we'd be a good fit, a 30 minute virtual call will be set up.

  • If we decide that we mutually want to work together, the online onboarding process begins. This involves signing your contract, invoice, welcome packet, etc.

  • A 60-90 minute onboarding call will be scheduled

  • Once the onboarding call is complete, work begins!